Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oddisee - Caprice Down (Music Video)

Today in my email I came across a new video from Washington D.C. Producer/MC , Oddisee. The video, directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas plays like a short film and skate video in one. The visuals do not include Oddisee or his home city at all. Instead the focus is on the main characters, 3 members of Long Beach CA skate crew called Hammer City. Caprice Down from Oddisee's album The Beauty In All plays as the background soundtrack of the day for Juice, E.C. & ManMan of the Hammer City skate collective. 

Hammer city is a collective of skaters who all live near or in the neighborhood on 14th street in Long Beach California. The crews founder was a skater named Michael Green  A.K.A Blacc Mike (ManMan's brother) was gunned down in 2005 over a case of mistaken Identity. Needless to say, 14th street is not a conducive environment for skating, drugs and gangs shadow the landscape but in the middle of it all the kids found an escape, they found refuge in a park they dubbed "Ghetto Park" which later became know as "The Michael K. Green Skate Park."

By the way Oddisee's album is available on beautiful Ice Blue Vinyl thanks to Mellow Music Group. Grab a copy HERE. Grab one for me too and you'll forever be hooked up by HHHF in the future.

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